As of December 2020, I have co-authored more than 250 peer-reviewed journal articles. My h-index  is 80. Here is my complete list of publications as returned by NASA/ADS*. I also have a Google Scholar profile which can be accessed clicking here. A pdf of my list of publications can be downloaded from here.


*Please note that this selects also some papers from another A. Corsi (that however are not about astronomy so they are easy to identify!).

Selected peer-reviewed journal articles
  1. Sowell, Corsi, Coyne, ``Multi-waveform cross-correlation search method for intermediate duration gravitational waves from gamma-ray bursts'', Phys. Rev. D 100, 124041 (2019).

  2. Corsi, Hallinan, Lazzati, Mooley, et al. ``An Upper Limit on the Linear Polarization Fraction of the GW170817 Radio Continuum'', ApJ Letters, 861, L10 (2018).

  3. Carbone, Corsi, ``Optimized Radio Follow Up of Binary Neutron-Star Mergers'',  ApJ, 867, 135 (2018)

  4. Hallinan, Corsi,  Mooley, Hotokezaka, et al. ``A radio counterpart to a neutron star merger", Science, 358, 1579 (2017; Note: Hallinan and Corsi share first authorship on this paper).

  5. The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo, ``Search for Post-merger Gravitational Waves from the Remnant of the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817'',  ApJ Letters, 851, L16 (2017).

  6. The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo, ``Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger'', ApJ Letters, 848, L12, 59 (2017).

  7. Coyne, Corsi, Owen, ``Cross-correlation method for intermediate-duration gravitational wave searches associated with gamma-ray bursts'',  Phys. Rev. D 93,  104059 (2016).

  8. Corsi, Gal-Yam, Kulkarni, Frail, et al., ``Radio Observations of a Sample of Broad-line Type IC Supernovae Discovered by PTF/IPTF: A Search for Relativistic Explosions'', ApJ, 830, 42 (2016).

  9. Corsi, Ofek, Gal-Yam, et al., ``A Multi-wavelength Investigation of the Radio-loud Supernova PTF11qcj and its Circumstellar Environment'', ApJ, 782, 42 (2014).

  10. Corsi, Owen, ``Maximum gravitational-wave energy emissible in magnetar flares'',  Phys. Rev. D, 83, 104014 (2011).

  11. Corsi, Meszaros, ``Gamma-ray Burst Afterglow Plateaus and Gravitational Waves: Multi-messenger Signature of a Millisecond Magnetar?'', ApJ, 702, 1171 (2009).

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